Zacoustic aligns your business with your customers

Zacoustic is the patented customer experience management system for contact centers that automates and optimizes quality assurance, supervisor-agent coaching and business process improvement.



  • Improvement to Customer Experience and First
  • Contact Resolution at an Industry Leading Video Game Development and Publishing Company

“We were about to launch a AAA online gaming property. We didn’t have a robust Customer Experience framework in place that would quickly provide us with the insight we needed to keep up with the fast-paced changes that are expected in the gaming world. BalanceCXI was able to quickly implement the Zacoustic product into our existing systems and we immediately started to receive results that our team used to improve the game as well as address training gaps. Within the first week of launch our agents were engaged in the process and raving about Zacoustic. Our Customer Satisfaction and Issue Resolution improved double digits in the first three months of implementing Zacoustic.”

Executive, Industry Leading Video Game Development and Publishing Company

Leverage primary calibration

Zacoustic increases customer feedback to 100% of calls handled and then leverages a massive data set to expose the highest value QA and coaching. Increasing customer feedback is realized by calibrating agents directly with customers, we call this "Primary Calibration". Zacoustic enables call center operational personnel to simply focus on correcting defects that yield the greatest Net Promoter, First Call Resolution and Customer Experience improvements.


Primary Calibration

Calibrate agents directly with customers


High Value Calls

Zacoustic patented algorithms expose unprecedented learning opportunity


QA & Coaching

Fuel and automate your current QA and coaching practice


Agent Buy-in

Put your agents at the center of your CX strategy

Zacoustic lifecycle

Comparative Surveys

Comparative Surveys

100% customer feedback

Response Codes

Patented Algorithms

Finds best calls

Quality Assurance

QA Automation

Real-time evaluation

Task Open / Close

Coaching Automation

Best learning opportunity

Real-time Reporting

Reporting Loop



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  • Primary calibration
  • 100% customer feedback
  • QA and coaching automation
  • Robust reporting

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Zacoustic is the patented customer experience management system for contact centers. Zacoustic automates the Quality Assurance and supervisor-agent coaching processes and exposes business improvement opportunities while optimizing customer experience metrics like Net Promoter, Customer Experience and First Call Resolution. Zacoustic features a full reporting suite for individual and group performance and robust business intelligence.

Zacoustic is patented in the United States and internationally and protected from duplication in any form. Creation of any imitation including any simplified version of its design or concept is expressly forbidden. Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc.

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